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gis output

Started by katerinapyl, March 02, 2012, 08:43:42 AM

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I run the SLAMM giving it the command to create GIS output but when I open them in gis, a one colour raster appears. Is something that I have to change in SLAMM or is just an error?

Thank you

Amy Polaczyk


Have you double-checked that the raster is populated with individual numerical values? Please change the raster file extension to .txt and have a look at it in a text editor to determine if the raster generated by SLAMM is providing the correct output (eg, values from 1-26) and let us know. This is not a bug I have encountered before.

Also, please post the version of SLAMM you are using.




Thank you for your reply. I am using the SLAMM 6. You were right. It was not a bug. I just had to be built the attribute table at the raster file in GIS.

Again thank you very much for your quick response

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