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Connectivity spatial file

Started by cpapiez, November 08, 2011, 02:00:02 PM

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Hi Jonathan,

I recently received interest from our wetland folks in the connectivity function of SLAMM.  Has there been any updates to this function to make it a spatial file with attributes?  Please let us know if you've updated this function or if there are plans to do so over the next year.



Jonathan S. Clough

I'm not sure exactly what you mean by this.  The connectivity function looks to see if there is a pathway from low lying dry land or fresh water wetlands to existing bodies of salt water.  In this manner, low lying dry land that is protected by natural or artificial barriers to salt water penetration will stay dry during that time step (assuming the barriers are large enough to be represented in the digital elevation map for the site).  It also should be noted that the algorithm assumes immediate inundation without considering diffusivity constraints.

As formulated, the model does not require any spatial inputs.

Are you asking whether SLAMM can output a GIS map of connectivity during each time-step?  That could be easily achieved.

-- Jonathan