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Input Vs. Output sub sites

Started by rloiselle, September 26, 2011, 03:14:06 PM

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I am confused about the difference between input and output sub sites.  Is the output sites data layer file used to spatially associate the sub site parameters? Or do polygons still need to be manually specified within the 'Set Map Attributes' button while inputting sub site parameter information?



Amy Polaczyk


The Output subsites have no bearing on the parameters you input. Output subsites simply allow you to capture a map and numerical data for a portion of your study area when the model is run. The raster Output site file that can be associated with a SLAMM project does the same thing but defines the Output sites in a raster file. It has no influence on the input parameters.

In order to add spatially-variable tide, accretion, erosion values, etc. You'll need to use Input subsites that are manually specified in 'Set Map Attributes'.

Hope this clears up your confusion.