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C-Cap conversion to SLAMM

Started by caroline, September 07, 2011, 11:12:09 AM

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I am using C-Cap data instead of NWI to convert to SLAMM codes. Please advise if these would be the correct codes. I am mostly unsure of the last code (CCAP 23) Thanks. Caroline

CCap                                                                    SLAMM
2-5,           developed                                                    1
6-12, 20     natural areas, bare land                                  2
13-14         paulustrine scrub/schrub/emergent wetlands      3
15              paulstrine emergent wetland                           5
17              estuarine scrub/shrub wetland                        7
18              estuarine emergent wetland                           8
19              unconsolidated shore                                  11
21              open water                                               17
23              estuarine aquatic bed                                 20

Jonathan S. Clough

We have not historically used CCAP data because they do not specify irregularly flooded (brackish) marshes vs. regularly flooded.

Permanently flooded aquatic beds are generally classified as open water within SLAMM, so I think that last category should be mapped to 17.

Good luck!