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Layer (ArcMap) with colors and SLAMM categories

Started by kschmid, September 29, 2009, 09:07:05 AM

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I was wondering if anyone had generated a lyr file of the standard SLAMM colors and categories. Any links or emails would be great.



I have, but it's not exactly the same and only for Georgia categories.  I've altered the colors somewhat, but feel free to use it.



Thanks Dean,
Some level of standardization is helpful.

Jonathan S. Clough

I do have a SLAMM legend file but it may not be the format that you require.  (it is *.avl, or mwleg)

Here are the "standard" SLAMM colors FYI:  (they will be editable in SLAMM6)

This is hexadecimal RGB format.  See Delphi TColor format for more information.

  GridColors: ARRAY[Category] OF TColor
   = ($002D0398 {ClMaroon},    {DevDryland}
      $00002BD5 {ClMaroon}, {UndDryland}
      ClGreen,  {Swamp}
      $00005500, {CLWhite,  }{CypressSwamp}  {Darker Green}
      ClLime,   {InlandFreshMarsh}
      $00A4FFA4,{TidalFreshMarsh} {Lighter Green}
      ClOlive,  {TransitionSaltmarsh} {Lighter Teal}
      $00A6A600,{Saltmarsh }
      ClPurple, {Mangrove}
      ClSilver, {TidalFlat}
      ClYellow, {OceanBeach}  {Lighter Yellow}
      $000059B3,{OceanFlat}   {Light Brown}
      $00FF80FF,{RockyIntertidal} {pink}
      $00FFA8A8,{InlandOpenWater} {light blue}
      ClBlue,   {RiverineTidalOpenWater}
      ClBlue,   {EstuarineWater}
      ClBlue,   {TidalCreek}
      ClNavy,   {OpenOcean}     
      $004080FF,{Brackish Marsh is Orange}
      $00006CD9,{Tall Spartina is dark orange, (Shows only when Requested)}
      $00004080,{Inland Shore is Brown}
      $00003E00,{Tidal Swamp is very dark green, almost black}
      ClWhite   {ClWhite   {Blank} );

Jonathan S. Clough

I'm working on tracking down a *.lyr file now.  -- JC