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Started by cpapiez, September 15, 2010, 02:40:47 PM

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If saturation is turned off then is there less conversion of uplands to coastal swamps and fresh marshes?  I know turning it off makes the output less streaky but I'm afraid of lossing some of the key wetland movement/corridors.  Please let me know what the caveats are of not having it turned on are.  We are primarily interested in wetland corridors.

Thanks for your technical support!

Evan Larson

The water table is assumed to be the maximum elevation of freshwater wetlands within a particular SLAMM simulation.  With saturation turned off, the water table does not rise with sea level rise, so drylands/uplands do not convert to swamps, fresh marshes or other fresh water categories.  Unfortunately I cannot answer how turning saturation off affects wetland corridors in particular.

Hope that helps.