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EBM SLAMM and SLAMM-VIEW interface demonstrations

Started by Jonathan S. Clough, February 24, 2010, 12:36:27 PM

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Jonathan S. Clough

On February 23rd, the Ecosystem Based Management (EBM) Tools Network invited Jeff Ehman and myself to give a demonstration of our products' interfaces.

The organizer wrote
QuoteFor all of you who had to miss today's excellent webinar on SLAMM and SLAMM-View or would like to see parts of it again, a video and audio recording of the webinar can be downloaded from the following FTP site.  It is a Windows Media Viewer file.

After following the above link and reaching the natureserve site, my recommendation is to "right click" on the link and "save file as."  Then download the 100 meg file and view at your leisure.  

-- Jonathan


All past recordings have been transferred to another site (I contacted NatureServe when trying to access the above link). Fwd email with new link below.

The recordings have all been transferred over to another site, so the new link is:

In some browsers, you can play the file directly from this location.  But with others, you need to right-click download it to play it on your computer. 

Susan Taylor