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SLAMM with Connectivity Coming Soon

Started by Jonathan S. Clough, April 02, 2010, 06:46:56 AM

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Jonathan S. Clough

SLAMM has long assumed that salt water will inundate any non-diked dry lands or fresh water wetlands that fall below the "salt boundary."  For the most part this seems to have been an effective assumption (our "time-zero" or "current condition" model results have never extensively indicated that there are natural ridges protecting low-lying dry land or freshwater wetlands from saline inundation).

However, a few recent sites have challenged this assumption and therefore we have implemented an optional connectivity sub-model within SLAMM following the methods documented in the paper below.  Initial tests look promising and provide for interesting results.

Here is the paper, mentioned above: Poulter, B. and Halpin, P. N. (2007) 'Raster modelling of coastal flooding from sea-level rise', International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 1 - 16...

One of the assumptions that we have followed from this paper "We also assumed that the vadose zone (unsaturated soil) and surface roughness did not affect inundation because the time (t) for diffusion was infinity (i.e. the process of sea-level rise overwhelms diffusivity constraints)."   This matches well with SLAMM's large-time-step configuration and the attempt to calculate what will happen "at equilibrium" when the sea level rises by a certain extent.  (In other words, SLAMM is not likely to turn into a hydrodynamic model any time soon.)

I will update this thread when the capability has completed its testing and documentation and is ready for public consumption.  -- J

Jonathan S. Clough

This has now been released with SLAMM 6.0.1

Also see the section on Connectivity in the new Technical Documentation.


Hi Jonathon,

Is there a way to out put the Connectivity maps only from a SLAMM v6.0.1 to a GIS output?  Also, when I run the connectivity option it frequently just stops running, no error, just stops and no files are created for output.

On a side note it was mentioned that the Dike 2M limit could be changed easily but I wonder is there a switch or does the open source in Pascal have to be edited and re-compiled to make that change?



Jonathan S. Clough

No way to export connectivity maps at this time.

Sorry about the freeze-up problem.  We haven't found this to be a problem yet.  If you can reproduce this problem, please send me the files and precise information as to how to reproduce it.

Regarding the dikes elevation limit, the open source in Pascal would currently need to be recompiled, but I'll add it to my "interface wish list."