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Using SLAMM / error in setting map attributes.
May 11, 2010, 11:45:10 PM
Hi everyone..
Well, I am working on some input files which are really huge in size.
When I try to set map attributes it shows me some memory error and asks me to save it into hard disk.
When i click ok, it gives me range check error.
when i try to execute the files, it runs.
I am not able to figure out, why this happens. It executes the simulation but does not allow to set map attributes.
Please let me know.
Thanking you.

Thanks a lot... :)
I am trying to load one simulation by setting file paths in "File Setup"..
Its getting loaded but when I execute it, it gives me error that "Error creating map in memory, write map to disk instead?"  :-[
I think this is coming because may be my input files are very large and its not getting enough memory to load my maps.
Is it this case?
And also, Can anyone tell me what is the maximum record that SLAMM can handle?
Is there any limits?
Please reply...  :)