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Thank you so much for the very helpful reply!
I would like some clarity with some of the new input parameters in SLAMM 6.7.

1) The Marsh Erosion Fetch (km) -  is this a maximum value to input instead of the default 9km that was previously in the other versions? If this is left "0", will it use the 9km default, or do I need to input a max value?

2) H1-H5 inundation Parameters - since these relate to infrustructure, if I am not including roads etc., then can I leave these inputs as "0" ?

3) Irreg-Flood Collapse and Reg-Flood Collapse (m) - do these parameters need to be put in for SLAMM to run correctly? I'm not sure how to calculate these values, or if there are default values that can be used here. Any references or material on how to calculate these would be great.

Many thanks!