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I am using the Slamm Model for a study area in germany and I have a question concerning the elevation of reg. flooded marsh and irreg. flooded marsh.
I read in your technical documentation, that the upper boundary of reg. flood marsh is the average (Mean high higher water, Mean Tidal level). So you mean the arithmetic mean between mean high higher water and mean tidal level?
You are also saying, that the upper boundary of irreg. flood marsh is the salt boundary. I also had a look in the power point presentation from March 2010 and there is a graph which indicates that the upper boundary of a salt marsh is the mean high water and that the salt boundary is the upper boundary of scrub-shrub or brackish. This confused me a bit. May bee you can help me.
best regards marissa
Using SLAMM / GIS Output
April 26, 2012, 07:39:30 AM
Hello everybody,
I managed to run the Slamm model and I choosed to save
output for GIS. When the modell is running, he is saying that he is producing
GIS output data. But when the model is finished, I canĀ“t find the GIS output data.
Does anybody has an idea, where I can find this data or where I can
determine where to put the output data?
Best regards