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Using SLAMM / Results of GCPLCC_ASC_Raster_Results
July 11, 2017, 11:36:46 AM
Jonathon, Amy and Marco,
We have a problem with the Charlotte Harbor data. The Apalachicola grid is displayed in the correct position, but the Charlotte Harbor gird is not. Both are undefined projections in this image.  I worked on the projection conversion (project raster, define projection etc) this morning for several hours before going to Dr. Mark Barrett our Associate Research Scientist to see if I was missing anything. We both came to the same conclusion that the files may have been created and converted incorrectly and we are unable to use any of our tools to correct them so that each would project correctly. Are we correct in our findings and do you have a solution for us?
Thanks, Brian[attach name=Data_view+and+FL+are+in+GCS_North_American_1983_HARN.png type=image/png]68[/attach]
Hi Jonathon, Amy and Marco.  I've been using different versions of SLAMM for the last three years and believe I have fairly good skills and knowledge to operate it. Recently, I downloaded v6.7 and because it appears to have many changes compared to v6.2 I wanted to see if both had the same output results if I used the same data and parameters. The initial condition is the same for both, but for each time step the changes / differences between each vegetation class is sometimes in the thousands of hectares as each time step is increased up to 2100. Can you give any explanation for this?

I've attached two excel files from each version. I can also provide the parameters if needed.

Thanks, Brian
Using SLAMM / Full Gulf Rasters
September 22, 2015, 10:01:11 AM
Having some difficulty loading the 30 gb files into ArcMap. I would like to use them and clip to Central and South Florida. Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks, Brian
I've run several successful "test" scenarios and now I'm trying to make sure that SLAMM is calibrated properly before I continue. I understand that some SLAMM Categories may more uncertainty that others. For example, –Larger in tidal flat and beach due to uncertainty in land/water interface (from presentation by Amy Polaczyk, 10/22/13) this would explain one of the four unexplained major changes from initial condition and Time zero.
I have attached an excel file with these areas highlighted in yellow. Could you tell me if the other SLAMM Categories could also see a major change between initial condition and Time Zero?