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Thanks Marco.

I guess I'm still confused about why regularly flooded marsh would act as a protecting dike for the land behind it.  If it is flooded regularly, wouldn't that allow water to reach the dry land, assuming the dry land is low enough in the tide range? At least during high tides?


I ran two accretion scenarios for SLAMM and got some interesting results (attached). It seems like the marsh will move up slope, when using the connectivity function, only if it is connected to a tidal flat or channel- is this correct?  Does marsh not move up slope if it is connected to regularly flooded marsh? In my situation, it appears that marsh is only moving into undeveloped dry land when the accretion is low enough that the surrounding marsh is converted to tidal flat.  However, when the accretion allows the marsh to keep up with sea level rise, the marsh doesn't move up slope at all.

I'd like to still use the connectivity feature for some other areas of the site, but is there anyway to edit it so that if dry land is touching regularly flooded marsh it is considered connected? Or am i interpreting how this feature works incorrectly?