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Using SLAMM / SLAMM Errors
November 23, 2009, 09:18:45 PM
I was wondering if the new SLAMM was going to better define critical errors.  I was able to run the model once for the lower Columbia River for the A1B scenario but when I tried to run it for A1T it ran for about 4 hours then gave a critical error : Range Check

Since I am using the same extent that was being used when it successfully ran for A1B I am assuming the file size is not to large.  What does this error message mean?  Thanks,
Using SLAMM / Matching extents
November 18, 2009, 12:10:58 PM
For our project we are using the SLAMM modeling tool to analyze sea level rise in the Columbia River.
I found slight discrepancy in xllcorner, yllcorner, which I am assuming is because our data comes from different sources.  I am having problems getting the extent to match exactly.
So my question is do you know of a way to manually reset the extent of a raster?
Since I am using LiDAR for the DEM this has caused the ASCII files to be very large- so large that they cannot be opened through most editing programs. Is there a way to manually reset the extent in either an Arc application or grass?