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Dear sir

Thank you for your advice?sincerely.

 How can we obtain the early version (mid 1980s) you mentioned? We couldn't find it on the official website.

 Look forward to your reply.
Dear sir?
      In a study by my research group, it is necessary to predict the change of coastal wetland vegetation and the distribution of ground salinity in the future SLR scenario. We have successfully performed small area studies with SLAMM, and we do not know whether SLAMM is applicable to global scales.I remember the technical documentation mentioning that the coastal zone can be divided into subsites. Whether the global scale can divide multiple sub-areas according to the direction to the sea and set rough model parameters for research. If we want to carry on this research, do you have any good suggestions?
      Look forword to your reply.
Thank you for your detailed explanation. My problem has been solved. Thank you again.
I am a student from China. I had several problems using slamm:
1\ I want to simulate the influence of the presence and absence of dikes on the coastal wetlands in the current and future situations. The data type of the dikes I used is the type of position and height. In the execution window, I made the Settings including and excluding dikes respectively, as shown in the screenshot below.However, the result is consistent with the fact that there is no dike, but obviously this is not consistent with the actual situation, please help me how to solve this problem.

2\In the process of model simulation, I noticed there are run model for NWI photo date (0) in execution window , refer to the technical manuals, but I still don't quite understand, why no matter whether the check this option, the result is 0 year which is not  consistent with the   starting year wetland distribution  in simulation , please help me to solve, whether in the simulation of actual need to check this option.
thanks a lot for your help sincerely