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Using the most recent version available (SLAMM 6.7 beta).
I am running SLAMM without a dikes raster layer. When I check 'include dikes' on the execute screen, the results for Time 0 are very different than when I don't check 'include dikes'. Checking 'include dikes' results in a T=0 that is nearly identical to initial conditions, which is good (not the case when 'include dikes' is not checked). However, I don't see certain conversions that I would expect over time and that do occur when 'dikes' are not checked (specifically reg. flooded marsh converting to tidal flat). Neither run actually includes a dike layer, so I'm wondering what is causing the difference. Thanks!
Follow up to the 2nd issue I described:
The (erroneous) switch from tidal swamp to inland shore occurs when using SLAMM 6.7. I just ran all the same datasets/parameters using SLAMM 6.2, and tidal swamp remains. Is this an issue with the latest version of the software?
I am using SLAMM for the Hood Canal area in Puget Sound. I have 2 issues I'm seeking advice on:

1. Considerable areas of Undeveloped Dry Land transition to Trans. Salt Marsh category at time zero. I have adjusted the elevation range and lowered the Salt Elevation. Changing the Salt Elevation has helped this issue, though I still have Trans. Salt Marsh fringing Tidal Flats all along the shoreline where there was none in the input data. I'm somewhat okay with where this is at, but if anyone has other suggestions to try, that would be great.

2. All of the Tidal Swamp cells transition to Inland Shore at time zero. This I can't figure out. I have adjusted the elevation range and the elevation analysis (attached) doesn't seem to point to a problem (less than 5% of cells are below min elev). The model shows Tidal Swamp on the Set Map Attributes screen, but all outputs (including Initial Condition) have those cells as Inland Shore. Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.